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Configure WeCom Notifications

WeCom is a communication platform for enterprises that includes convenient communication and office automation tools.

This document describes how to configure a WeCom server to receive platform notifications sent by KubeSphere.


Configure WeCom Server

  1. Log in to the KubeSphere console as admin.
  2. Click Platform in the upper-left corner and select Platform Settings.
  3. In the left navigation pane, click Notification Configuration under Notification Management.
  4. On the WeCom page, set the following fields under Server Settings:
    • Corporation ID: The Corporation ID of your WeCom account.
    • App AgentId: The AgentId of the self-built application.
    • App Secret: The Secret of the self-built application.
  5. To add notification recipients, select User ID, Department ID, or Tag ID under Recipient Settings, enter a corresponding ID obtained from your WeCom account, and click Add to add it.
  6. To specify notification conditions, select the Notification Conditions checkbox. Specify a label, an operator, and values and click Add to add it. You will receive only notifications that meet the conditions.
  7. After the configurations are complete, click Send Test Message to send a test message.
  8. If you successfully receive the test message, click OK to save the configurations.
  9. To enable WeCom notifications, turn the toggle in the upper-right corner to Enabled.

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