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Release Notes for 3.2.1

Enhancements and Bug Fixes


  • Add support for filtering Pods by status. (#4434, @iawia002, #2620, @weili520)
  • Add a tip in the image builder creation dialog box, which indicates that containerd is not supported. (#2734, @weili520)
  • Add information about available quotas in the Edit Project Quotas dialog box. (#2619, @weili520)

Bug Fixes

  • Change the password verification rules to prevent passwords without uppercase letters. (#4481, @live77)
  • Fix a login issue, where a user from an LDAP identity provider cannot log in if information about the user does not exist on KubeSphere. (#4436, @RolandMa1986)
  • Fix an issue where cluster gateway metrics cannot be obtained. (#4457, @RolandMa1986)
  • Fix incorrect access modes displayed in the volume list. (#2686, @weili520)
  • Remove the Update button on the Gateway Settings page. (#2608, @weili520)
  • Fix a display error of the time range selection drop-down list. (#2715, @weili520)
  • Fix an issue where Secret data text is not displayed correctly when the text is too long. (#2600, @weili520)
  • Fix an issue where StatefulSet creation fails when a volume template is mounted. (#2730, @weili520)
  • Fix an issue where cluster gateway information fails to be obtained when the user does not have permission to view cluster information. (#2695, @harrisonliu5)
  • Fix an issue where status and run records of pipelines are not automatically updated. (#2594, @harrisonliu5)
  • Add a tip for the kubernetesDeploy pipeline step, which indicates that the step is about to be deprecated. (#2660, @harrisonliu5)
  • Fix an issue where HTTP registry addresses of image registry Secrets cannot be validated. (#2795, @harrisonliu5)
  • Fix the incorrect URL of the Harbor image. (#2784, @harrisonliu5)
  • Fix a display error of log search results. (#2598, @weili520)
  • Fix an error in the volume instance YAML configuration. (#2629, @weili520)
  • Fix incorrect available workspace quotas displayed in the Edit Project Quotas dialog box. (#2613, @weili520)
  • Fix an issue in the Monitoring dialog box, where the time range selection drop-down list does not function properly. (#2722, @weili520)
  • Fix incorrect available quotas displayed in the Deployment creation page. (#2668, @weili520)
  • Change the documentation address to kubesphere.io and kubesphere.com.cn. (#2628, @weili520)
  • Fix an issue where Deployment volume settings cannot be modified. (#2656, @weili520)
  • Fix an issue where the container terminal cannot be accessed when the browser language is not English, Simplified Chinese, or Traditional Chinese. (#2702, @weili520)
  • Fix incorrect volume status displayed in the Deployment editing dialog box. (#2622, @weili520)
  • Remove labels displayed on the credential details page. (#2621, @123liubao)
  • Fix the problem caused by non-ASCII branch names. (#399)
  • Fix the wrong handling of the choice parameter in Pipeline. (#378)
  • Fix the problem that could not proceed or break the pipeline created by others. #408
  • Fix messy sequence of pipeline run records. #394
  • Fix pipeline triggered by non-admin user but still display "Started by user admin". #384

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