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Workspace Administration and User Guide

KubeSphere tenants work in a workspace to manage projects and apps. Among others, workspace administrators are responsible for the management of app repositories. Tenants with necessary permissions can further deploy and use app templates from app repositories. They can also leverage individual app templates which are uploaded and released to the App Store. Besides, administrators also control whether the network of a workspace is isolated from others'.

This chapter demonstrates how workspace administrators and tenants work at the workspace level.

Workspace Overview

Understand the concept of workspaces in KubeSphere and learn how to create and delete a workspace.

Upload Helm-based Applications

Learn how to upload a Helm-based application as an app template to your workspace.

App Repositories

Import a Helm Repository

Import a Helm repository to KubeSphere to provide app templates for tenants in a workspace.

Upload Apps to the KubeSphere GitHub Repository

Upload your own apps to the GitHub repository of KubeSphere.

Workspace Role and Member Management

Customize a workspace role and grant it to tenants.

Workspace Network Isolation

Enable or disable the network policy in your workspace.

Project Quotas

Set requests and limits to control resource usage in a project.

Workspace Quotas

Set workspace quotas to control the total resource usage of projects and DevOps projects in a workspace.

Department Management

Create departments in a workspace and assign users to different departments to implement permission control.