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Upload Apps to the KubeSphere GitHub Repository

KubeSphere provides an app repository for testing and development. Users can upload their apps to the repository, which will serve as available app templates once approved.

Upload Your App

Build your app first based on the Helm documentation. You can refer to the existing apps in the KubeSphere app repository. Official apps are stored in src/main and apps being tested are stored in src/test.

Step 1: Develop an app

  1. Fork the app repository of KubeSphere.

  2. Install Helm based on the Helm documentation.

  3. Execute the following command to initialize the Helm client.

    helm init --client-only
  4. Create your app. For example, you create an app named mychart in the directory src/test.

    cd src/test
    helm create mychart
    cd mychart
  5. You can see that Helm has created related templates in the directory. For more information, see Create an App.

Step 2: Submit an app

When you finish the development, submit a pull request to the official repository of KubeSphere for review.

Step 3: Deploy your app

After your pull request is approved, your app will be available to use. For more information, refer to Import a Helm Repository to add https://charts.kubesphere.io/main to KubeSphere.

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Thanks for the feedback. If you have a specific question about how to use KubeSphere, ask it on Slack. Open an issue in the GitHub repo if you want to report a problem or suggest an improvement.