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Configure DingTalk Notifications

DingTalk is an enterprise-grade communication and collaboration platform. It integrates messaging, conference calling, task management, and other features into a single application.

This document describes how to configure a DingTalk conversation or chatbot to receive platform notifications sent by KubeSphere.


Configure DingTalk Conversation or Chatbot

  1. Log in to the KubeSphere console as admin.
  2. Click Platform in the upper-left corner and select Platform Settings.
  3. In the left navigation pane, click Notification Configuration under Notification Management.
  4. On the DingTalk page, select the Conversation Settings tab and configure the following parameters:
    • AppKey: The AppKey of the applet created on DingTalk.
    • AppSecret: The AppSecret of the applet created on DingTalk.
    • Conversation ID: The conversation ID obtained on DingTalk. To add a conversation ID, enter your conversation ID and click Add to add it.
  5. (Optional) On the DingTalk page, select the DingTalk Chatbot tab and configure the following parameters:
    • Webhook URL: The webhook URL of your DingTalk robot.
    • Secret: The secret of your DingTalk robot.
    • Keywords: The keywords you added to your DingTalk robot. To add a keyword, enter your keyword and click Add to add it.
  6. To specify notification conditions, select the Notification Conditions checkbox. Specify a label, an operator, and values and click Add to add it. You will receive only notifications that meet the conditions.
  7. After the configurations are complete, click Send Test Message to send a test message.
  8. If you successfully receive the test message, click OK to save the configurations.
  9. To enable DingTalk notifications, turn the toggle in the upper-right corner to Enabled.

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