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Upgrade with ks-installer

ks-installer is recommended for users whose Kubernetes clusters were not set up by KubeKey, but hosted by cloud vendors or created by themselves. This tutorial is for upgrading KubeSphere only. Cluster operators are responsible for upgrading Kubernetes beforehand.


  • You need to have a KubeSphere cluster running v3.3.x. If your KubeSphere version is v3.2.x or earlier, upgrade to v3.3.x first.
  • Read Release Notes for 3.4.1 carefully.
  • Back up any important component beforehand.
  • Supported Kubernetes versions of KubeSphere 3.4: v1.20.x, v1.21.x, v1.22.x, v1.23.x, * v1.24.x, * v1.25.x, and * v1.26.x. For Kubernetes versions with an asterisk, some features of edge nodes may be unavailable due to incompatability. Therefore, if you want to use edge nodes, you are advised to install Kubernetes v1.23.x.

Major Updates

In KubeSphere 3.4.1, some changes have made on built-in roles and permissions of custom roles. Therefore, before you upgrade KubeSphere to 3.4.1, please note the following:

  • Change of built-in roles: Platform-level built-in roles users-manager and workspace-manager are removed. If an existing user has been bound to users-manager or workspace-manager, its role will be changed to platform-regular after the upgrade is completed. Role platform-self-provisioner is added. For more information about built-in roles, refer to Create a user.

  • Some permission of custom roles are removed:

    • Removed permissions of platform-level custom roles: user management, role management, and workspace management.
    • Removed permissions of workspace-level custom roles: user management, role management, and user group management.
    • Removed permissions of namespace-level custom roles: user management and role management.
    • After you upgrade KubeSphere to 3.4.1, custom roles will be retained, but removed permissions of the custom roles will be revoked.

Apply ks-installer

Run the following command to upgrade your cluster.

kubectl apply -f https://github.com/kubesphere/ks-installer/releases/download/v3.4.1/kubesphere-installer.yaml  --force

Enable Pluggable Components

You can enable new pluggable components of KubeSphere 3.4 after the upgrade to explore more features of the container platform.

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