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Kubernetes Community Days China Recap

Kubernetes Community Days China


Kubernetes Community Days (KCD) was initiated by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and is jointly organized by local CNCF ambassadors, CNCF employees, and CNCF members across the world. KCD is currently being actively organized worldwide, gathering end users, contributors, and technical experts from the open-source community in the cloud-native field. This series of localized activities will help grow the Kubernetes Community and spread cloud-native technology more widely among end-users in different industries.

Cloud-native technologies and Kubernetes have become more and more popular in China. According to Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, China's contribution to the Kubernetes community ranks second in the world, next only to the United States. In the "CNCF China Cloud Native Survey 2020", it is also mentioned that the proportion of Chinese companies using Kubernetes in the production environment has reached as high as 82%, and Chinese teams have contributed 13 open-source projects.

Event Organizers

Collaborating with CNCF ambassadors from PingCAP, DaoCloud, Huawei Cloud, KubeSphere, and Cloud Native Community, CNCF hosted the first Kubernetes Community Days (KCD) in Beijing, focusing on open-source projects and technical practices in the cloud-native ecosystem.


Event at a Glance

KCD Beijing set up 4 keynote speeches, 4 lightning talks and 1 panel session, in which CTOs and architects from many well-known companies such as Microsoft Azure, NGINX Community, Tencent, DaoCloud, VMware, Xinglan Technology, VIPKID, and maintainers of the open-source project brings a lot of inspiring ideas.


On the day of the event, nearly 300 people signed up, and more than 150 people participated at the Microsoft Beijing office. Six online platforms provided real-time live broadcasts, attracting more than 5,000 people to watch.




All the decks shared by speakers have been uploaded to CNCF/Presentations. Feel free to download or comment!

Download: https://github.com/cncf/presentations/tree/master/chinese/kcd-china


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