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Feynman Zhou, Lindsay Liu, Felix Liu
Published on:2022-01-28    The number of views:

KubeSphere 2021 Year in Review

In 2021, we have witnessed emerging cloud-native technologies, technological innovations, and the power of the open source community. We have also accomplished a lot of milestones with the collaboration of all users, contributors, and partners.

Let's take a look back at the milestones and story of the KubeSphere community over the past year and appreciate all the members who have contributed to the KubeSphere community.

KubeSphere Community Report 2021

The state of projects under the KubeSphere umbrella

Over the past 3 years, the KubeSphere community has spawned many new open source projects centered around KubeSphere, such as KubeKey, OpenELB, and OpenFunction, all of which have been widely used by users worldwide. They can be integrated into KubeSphere not only as addons, but also as standalone projects used with Kubernetes. These projects have joined the CNCF Landscape, contributing to the prosperity of the cloud-native ecosystem.

In addition to the rapidly growing metrics of GitHub Star, Fork, and Contributor, the value and potential of the community behind these open source projects is immeasurable. In 2021, the KubeSphere community also donated the OpenELB and Fluent Operator to the CNCF and upstream Fluent community, polishing the projects and growing the community engagement under the umbrella of CNCF and the upstream community.

KubeSphere project metrics

User Adoption

According to telemetry statistics, KubeSphere has been downloaded 700,000 times worldwide, with nearly 80,000 active clusters and thousands of enterprises using KubeSphere in production. We've seen KubeSphere adopted by users in a variety of industries, including banking, insurance, securities, internet, energy, telecom, transportation, universities, retail, logistics, etc. Many experienced users have also helped the KubeSphere project by submitting suggestions or feedback and contributing to the code and documentation.

In addition, we see an increasing number of users evangelizing and promoting KubeSphere at community events, technical articles, and on social media.

KubeSphere Community Report 2021

Known Contributing Enterprises and Partners

We are grateful to see more and more enterprises contributing to KubeSphere and its ecosystem projects in the past year. At the same time, we have built partnership with the fast-growing enterprises and technical giants to create joint solutions and enrich the application ecosystem. For example, six cloud-native applications (APISIX, ChaosMesh, Nocalhost, JuiceFS, EdgeMesh, fpga-operator) had been added to KubeSphere App Store by our partners.

KubeSphere Community Report 2021

Integration with Cloud Providers

As a unified control plane for multi-cloud and multi-cluster management, KubeSphere can easily import and manage private and hosted Kubernetes clusters. In 2021, KubeSphere is available on AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean, and QingCloud, integrating Amazon EKS, Azure AKS, DigitalOcean Kubernetes, and QingCloud QKE, respectively.

KubeSphere Community Report 2021

KubeSphere Member

KubeSphere Members are granted to members who have deeply participated in the open source contribution to the KubeSphere community. These members have independently developed or tested one or more features, written or translated documents, or helped to promote KubeSphere and open source technologies in various communities. Now we have invited all of them to join KubeSphere organization on GitHub.

Name or GitHub IDCertificate
Shaohui LiuDownload Certificate
Yuanpeng LiangDownload Certificate
Dhruv KelaDownload Certificate
BojanDownload Certificate
Akhil MohanDownload Certificate
Wenhu WangDownload Certificate
Wei XuDownload Certificate
AbdelouahabDownload Certificate
Liuyi ChenDownload Certificate
Xingyan JiangDownload Certificate
Guofu TanDownload Certificate

KubeSphere Ambassador

KubeSphere Ambassadors are awarded to technical evangelists who are helping to grow the KubeSphere community. The following members have shared KubeSphere practical cases and technical articles in the KubeSphere community many times to help more users to get to know the application scenarios and best practices of KubeSphere.

Lijie JiangDownload Certificate
Min YinDownload Certificate
Zhengjun ZhouDownload Certificate
Shuai LiDownload Certificate

KubeSphere Talented Speaker

KubeSphere Talented Speakers are awarded to outstanding lecturers who have conducted public technology presentations at KubeSphere Cloud Native Live, KubeSphere Meetup 2020, and CNCF Webinar. They are excellent KubeSphere evangelists and splendid speakers.

Yu LiDownload Certificate
Ming TangDownload Certificate
Xingxiang YangDownload Certificate
Riyao GaoDownload Certificate
Lijie JiangDownload Certificate
Fei XuDownload Certificate
Lei QiaoDownload Certificate
Ning QiDownload Certificate
Xiaofan LuanDownload Certificate
Zongwei TanDownload Certificate
Zhengjun ZhouDownload Certificate
Ju LouDownload Certificate
Chao ZhangDownload Certificate
Weifeng ShengDownload Certificate
Haili ZhangDownload Certificate
Yuchuan HeDownload Certificate
Tao HuDownload Certificate
Zhenfei PeiDownload Certificate
Sheng ZouDownload Certificate
Pei ZhouDownload Certificate
Changqing WuDownload Certificate
He HuangDownload Certificate
Yang LinDownload Certificate
Siwei GuDownload Certificate
Xiaomeng ZhangDownload Certificate
Dehan LiuDownload Certificate

Looking Ahead

2021 had finally drawn to an end. We are so lucky and grateful to all of our innovative users, customers, and developers, who helped us to push our boundaries in developing an enterprise-grade Kubernetes platform and keeping fast iteration. It is impossible to complete these milestones without your efforts and engagements.

In 2022, our mission continues to empower more developers and enterprises to innovate with speed, security, and efficiency. As the KubeSphere community has an exciting prospect, the contributions and efforts from each one of you will make it better in the new year, and every year to come. Join us!


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