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Welcome New KubeSphere Ambassadors! Your Exclusive Certificate Is Ready!

Contributing to the open-source community is not limited to contributing code and documentation and supporting localization and internationalization, but includes technology evangelism as well.

KubeSphere Ambassador is awarded to technical evangelists who are helping to grow the KubeSphere community by writing technical blogs and user cases, sharing technologies in the community, etc.

We are happy to announce six new KubeSphere Ambassadors who have contributed in different ways to the KubeSphere community many times to help more users to get to know the application scenarios and best practices of KubeSphere.

About the Certificate

KubeSphere Ambassador is awarded to those who have:

  • written at least three quality technical blogs related to KubeSphere within a year;
  • shared KubeSphere practical cases in at least three activities within a year;
  • popularized and expanded the influence of KubeSphere with noticeable effects;
  • served as station head of KubeSphere Community User Committee.

To obtain the certificate, you need to meet one or more of the requirements by participating in the preceding activities three or more times, for example, contributing a KubeSphere user case and two technical blogs.

Obtaining the Certificate

name certificate
Halil ibrahim BUGOL View and download the certificate
Kunal Kushwaha View and download the certificate
Yanying Zhang View and download the certificate
scwang18 View and download the certificate
Zongwei Tan View and download the certificate
Zhenfei Pei View and download the certificate

The recipients are listed in random order. Here are their contributions:

Halil ibrahim BUGOL

In Turkey, Halil works with the KubeSphere Community and customers from Turkey and the Middle East on community, localization, sales, and support for further development of KubeSphere.

Kunal Kushwaha

Kunal is a developer from India. He is working towards empowering communities via Open Source and Education. He is currently doing Developer Advocacy at Civo, community management at Major League Hacking, is a CNCF Ambassador, GitHub Campus Expert, Gold Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, Google Summer of Code Mentor at Red Hat Middleware.

He has made great contributions to the development of KubeSphere community. Over the past few months, he has made videos on KubeSphere introduction and usage for publishing on his YouTube channel, and thus introduced KubeSphere to more people.

YouTube videos at a glance:

Yanying Zhang

Yanying Zhang has shared multiple technical articles in the community and has regularly shared videos related to KubeSphere and its technology in the form of livestreaming and in his personal channel on Bilibili. Besides, he is always ready to help others resolve technical problems.

Articles at a glance:


scwang18 was invited to contribute articles to the community after we had read his great article about KubeSphere. With a keen interest in our invitation, he shared three technical articles within a short period and showed us his writing plan. We expect to read more works from him.

Articles at a glance:

Zongwei Tan

Zongwei Tan is CEO of TDCare Medical Care Technology Co., Ltd. and also a superb speaker. Since his first participation in the KubeSphere and Cloud-native Meetup held in Chengdu last June, he has shared KubeSphere and OpenFunction related content in multiple activities held by different organizations.

Works at a glance:

Zhenfei Pei

Zhenfei Pei proves himself adept at DevOps, GitOps, Argo CD, etc. with rich practical experience. He has shared technology in two activities organized by the KubeSphere community and is about to participate in the cloud-native technology exchange meetup at Guangzhou on August 6, 2022. Mr. Pei has also taken on the Argo CD course as part of the Cloud-native Practical Training Course launched by KubeSphere.

Recently, Mr. Pei has assumed Guangzhou station head of the KubeSphere Community User Committee to help KubeSphere organize local meetups as a technology evangelist.

Works at a glance:

Thanks to their active participation and promotion, KubeSphere are known and used more widely, which further accelerates the growth of its ecosystem.


The KubeSphere community would like to express its gratitude to new KubeSphere Ambassadors and extend the sincerest greetings to those who participated in the open-source contribution to the KubeSphere community!

Look Ahead

To date, dozens of community members have been recognized as KubeSphere Ambassadors. They have helped popularize and expand the influence of

KubeSphere in their own ways, and most of them are continuously active and making their contributions.

For instance, Min Yin (Hangzhou station head of the KubeSphere Community User Committee) and Haili Zhang (Shanghai station head) are active community contributors. They made their dedication to the development of KubeSphere by writing articles and organizing exchange activities, etc.

As a rapidly growing open-source community, KubeSphere welcomes more evangelists and contributors to build a better community in the new year, and every year to come. Join us!


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