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Recap: KubeSphere & Friends 2020 Meetup


Around the latest technology trend – cloud-native, the annual event KubeSphere and Friends 2020, also known as Kubernetes and Cloud-Native Meetup, was held on December 19th, 2020 in Beijing, attracting more than 100 Kubernetes enthusiasts and KubeSphere community members.

Not only did developers from the KubeSphere team participate in the event, our guests from CNCF and AWS, and other enterprise users all shared their ideas and experiences from different perspectives.


​ Tally Lee from CNCF Member Alliance Manager


​ Zhanling Chen from AWS China


​ Ray Zhou Head of KubeSphere

We also provided an on-site DevOps workshop to discuss and try the most common use features of KubeSphere. Snip20210201_20


KubeSphere has been recognized by many users across the world and has developed a diversified and vibrant community. Though so many passionate users could not present at the event in person, they generously shared their experience and expectations for KubeSphere in videos.

The community remains at the core of KubeSphere's commitment to our users. This is why we hold the annual meetup every year. It is not just about letting our users get more familiar with KubeSphere, understand its latest functions, or industry developments.



More importantly, we look to further renew and strengthen our bonds and values in the community. And this is what has been driving KubeSphere for so long. Community members contribute, cooperate in and come up with innovative ideas, which is exactly what open source is all about.


The meetup was a great success and it was not possible without community members. Thank you all for your support and see you next year in the meetup.

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