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KubeSphere Turkey and Huawei Announce Partnership to Help Enterprises Embrace Cloud Native with Ease

KubeSphere, an enterprise-grade container platform for cloud native application management, is ready to expand to global markets. This time, it’s KubeSphere Turkey.

On October 18, 2022, KubeSphere Turkey announced partnership with Huawei at HUAWEI CONNECT 2022 PARIS. At this event, KubeSphere Turkey and Huawei reached an agreement that both parties would give full play to their technical and resource advantages to provide Turkish users with localized and quality cloud native services and make joint efforts to empower the new cloud native era.

“Together with KubeSphere Turkey, we use KubeSphere to develop PaaS solutions in two scenarios. The first one is to build a managed, shareable platform to help individual developers and small businesses use Kubernetes with ease. The second one is to build a managed, dedicated platform that can be used by government institutions and affiliates. All of these structures will be hosted on the Huawei Cloud,” said Yavuz Sarı, Partnerships & Ecosystem Manager at Huawei.

“The cloud location established by Huawei in Turkey is very valuable for the Turkish market and global companies like us. Collaborating with the first global cloud carrier in Turkey and developing services on top of Huawei Cloud will move us forward in the market much faster than our other competitors. Together with Huawei, we are preparing to establish a structure that has not been tried before in Turkey,” said Halil, KubeSphere Turkey Product Manager.

As a container platform open sourced by QingCloud, KubeSphere is committed to empowering enterprises to implement cloud native architecture. The very essence of this project is to build a cloud native distributed OS that can facilitate enterprises in deploying container platforms on heterogeneous infrastructures such as the clouds, virtual machines, and physical servers. After years of development, KubeSphere has won users worldwide, across more than 100 countries and regions, with more than 10,000 GitHub stars and nearly one million downloads. Thanks to global individual and enterprise contributors, KubeSphere has established official sites in Spain and Turkey and expects to go further in global markets.

At the same time, Huawei plays an industry-leading role in product solutions both in China and the world. This way, further exchanges of product solutions and technologies can help KubeSphere gain more insights into service upgrades and become a future ready company in the hybrid cloud era. In the future, KubeSphere expects to leverage its competitive service and technology edges to deepen partnership with Huawei in global markets and to ensure everyone wins.


For this partnership, we thank every staff and contributor from Huawei, KubeSphere Turkey and EquoSystem. This partnership would never happen without the efforts of Huawei executives Frank Machao and Bobby Zhang, Yavuz Sarı, Haldun Bozkır, Rıza Can Sevinç, Wu Yongxi, and Lin Zelin from Huawei team, and Eda Konyar, Halil BUGOL, and Stephane Yasar from KubeSphere Turkey team.

More information

KubeSphere website: https://kubesphere.io/

KubeSphere GitHub: https://github.com/kubesphere/kubesphere


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